• NFD is run by Little Miracles Education society comprising educated, experienced and internationally trained entrepreneurs. The Society has chosen to remain focused in the field of education and has decided to open multiple premium category preschool branches all over India. The society has further chosen Lucknow as the base for the first preschool, Lucknow being the capital of the U.P. state.
  • The Management of the society has taken a decision in principal to offer premium quality preschool education system to the children of India that not only provides the best education tools but also takes interest in discovering and nurturing the natural talent in the children.
  • NFD preschool in Lucknow is the first premium category preschool set up to provide International level early education and personality development facilities for the children.  NFD has created a premium quality setting that provides a scientific  research based early years education curriculum alongside Play & Inquiry Based  multiple Intelligence integrated approach and a holistic and all inclusive education system to the children. NFD uses internationally recognized pedagogies and programmes to develop the core executive functions of the brain, and self-regulation skills in the children.

The NFD Preschool management team has completed a thorough  research over a period of last one year on the various early education systems adopted all over the world by renowned preschool chains. The Management team has entered into collaboration with KREEDO group from Bangalore to get full fledged help and support in the setting up of   preschool. KREEDO is a reputed technical support provider institution that has helped over one thousand preschools all over India. At the same time, NFD has integrated the best positive traits of other international preschool education systems to come up with an all inclusive education system that will provide unbeatable holistic and play based early education to the children.

The Management team went a step further and sent Anamika Kailani and Rahul kailani to Singapore to undertake personal training over a considerable period of time with a renowned preschool chain in Singapore that has adopted a similar approach in their preschools all over the world and has become very popular in many countries of late.

The NFD team has further researched the prevailing systems and conditions in many preschools in India and have decided to provide a very hygienic environment to the children along with other facilities which can simply be classified as the best premium category.